Unleash your desire. Get two girls to double the fun! 200% satisfaction guaranteed.

Two girls massage a man providing an erotic experience and giving him 200% satisfaction.

Elevate your relaxation experience to an entirely new level of luxury our exclusive salon, where the magic of a four hands massage unfolds.

We understand that when it comes to massage, two skilled therapists means double the fun!

As you settle onto our plush massage table, you’ll discover that the symphony of touch created by our dynamic duo is unparalleled in its ability to transport you to a realm of profound tranquility. With each synchronized movement, watch you tension dissolve while your senses revel in the sensation of being pampered.

It’s an experience that proves that the synergy between two masseuses is the secret ingredient to an extraordinary experience that promises to leave you feeling completely revitalized and utterly spoiled.

Don’t miss the opportunity to indulge in this sensory delight.


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A man is massaging a girl and giving his best moves as she melts in sweet ecstasy.

Switch Roles

Do you enjoy giving pleasure? Then give her your best moves and watch her melt in that sweet ecstasy.
A truly intimate grooming experience in NYC.

Intimate Grooming

Stop growing a national forest in places where it doesn't belong ;-) Come see our girls for a truly intimate grooming.
For men who have fetishes, be it a foot fetish, a leather fetish, or a special affection for playing with toys.


Got foot fetish? Like to play with toys? Burning desire won't let go? This is the session for you.